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How to Play Retro Games on Your iPad

With its portable and versatile nature, the iPad has become a popular device for gaming. Not only in Android TV Box, if you're a fan of retro games and want to enjoy them on your iPad, you're in luck.

In this article, we'll explore various methods and apps that allow you to play retro games on your iPad and relive the nostalgia of classic gaming.

How to Play Retro Games on Your iPad

Emulator Apps

One of the most common ways to play retro games on an iPad is by using emulator apps. Emulators replicate the hardware and software of older gaming consoles, allowing you to run game ROMs on your iPad. There are several emulator apps available on the App Store, such as Provenance, RetroArch, and Delta.

These apps support various platforms, including NES, SNES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and more. Simply download the emulator app of your choice, obtain legal game ROMs, and load them into the app to start playing retro games on your iPad.


For users who are willing to take more advanced steps, jailbreaking your iPad opens up additional possibilities for playing retro games. Jailbreaking allows you to bypass Apple's restrictions and install unauthorized apps and tweaks on your device.

By jailbreaking your iPad, you can access alternative app stores like Cydia, where you can find a wider range of emulator apps and retro game options.

However, it's important to note that jailbreaking may void your device's warranty, and there are security risks involved. Proceed with caution and ensure you follow reputable guides and sources when jailbreaking your iPad.

Streaming Services

Another convenient way to enjoy retro games on your iPad is through game streaming services. Platforms like NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly known as Project xCloud), and Google Stadia allow you to stream games from their libraries, including retro titles, directly to your iPad.

These services require a stable internet connection and a subscription to the respective platform. While not all retro games may be available, you can access a wide variety of games without the need for emulators or ROMs.

Retro Game Collections and Remakes

Many retro games have been remastered or reimagined for modern platforms, including the iPad. Developers and publishers often release retro game collections or remakes specifically designed for touch controls.

These games can be found on the App Store, offering an authentic retro gaming experience with optimized touch controls and enhanced graphics.

Keep an eye out for classic game series like Final Fantasy, Sonic the Hedgehog, and The Legend of Zelda, which have made their way to the App Store with revamped versions. 


Thanks to the iPad's capabilities and the availability of emulator apps, streaming services, and retro game collections, you can easily play retro games on your iPad and relive the golden era of gaming.

Whether you choose to use emulator apps, explore streaming services, or enjoy remastered versions of classic titles, the iPad offers a convenient and enjoyable way to experience retro gaming on the go.

Just remember to respect copyright laws, obtain legal copies of games, and choose reputable sources when downloading apps or ROMs. Happy retro gaming!

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